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Con Tech  specializes in structural building restoration and renovations. Concrete, steel and wood restoration, repair and/or replacement. We are an exclusive dealer for Grip-Tite Foundation Repair Systems.

We work with engineers who are experienced in the application, testing, and monitoring of structural repair systems. We take advantage of their expertise and they take advantage of our experience.

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Concrete Restoration

        Concrete spalling, column/beam replacement, epoxy injection, pressure and chemical

         grouting, carbon fiber reinforcing, migrating corrosion inhibitors.

Foundation Repair

    Pressure grouting, epoxy injection, helical piers and pin piles. Sinking structures can be brought

       back up  to the original elevation. 

We are now the only authorized dealer serving S.E. Florida  for

Grip-Tite Foundation Repair Systems.

Foundation Repair Systems - To Correct Foundation Cracks, Click Here

Structural Collapse

 Con Tech handles partial building collapses. If a structural column fails, we have the equipment and experience to hydraulically elevate the collapse to the original location and re-pour the failed columns/beams.

Post Tension Repair

        Cables, anchors replaced/repaired, emergency shoring

Decorative Deck Coatings & Epoxy Floor Systems

Con Tech is a certified dealer for PERMA CRETE decorative concrete overlays.

           Renew your driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks and pool interiors at a fraction of the cost.
Available in virtually any color or design.
           PermaPoxy is a 100% solids epoxy coating, offering a seamless, oil, chemical and slip-
           resistant surface. It can be used on both floors and walls. It is a hard FDHA food safe
surface, available in virtually any color.
Vehicular Deck Surfaces

Waterproofing for parking decks, pool decks and occupied structures.

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