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      China, Ty & Bailey

Hi all,

My name is Ty and my sisters name is China. We just went over to Naples Thanksgiving day and celebrated our 7th birthday. We had friends fly in from all over the country, just to see us. We had 3 turkeys and a ham, YUM -YUM.

You can tell us apart, even though we're twins. I'm muscular and very good looking (like my daddy Bob) and that goofy looking clown down below is my sister China.

You will see us on the jobs, most every day. We start our day early (about 4am).China and I have breakfast and Daddy has coffee while he's doing his morning paperwork. About 6 we go for our walk, and then off to work we go.

We try to visit each jobsite daily. Our jobs are to help the superintendents resolve

any problems they may have.

It's a hard job, but we love it. A lot of our work is on the ocean & sometimes Daddy let us go down to the beach. My goofy sister, China loves playing in the waves. I'm way to mature (scarred) to do that stupid puppy stuff.

We hope to see you soon.

When you see us, Come over, say Hi, and don't forget a snack.


Miss China & Mr. Ty

May 5th Dad decided we needed a quicker way to get to some of our projects. He bought a new toy and it didn't work out quite like he planned. These pictures are less than a minute apart.

Dad just wasn't having a good day and Mom was pretty pissed off! Well we kinda like the pickup truck better. 

Our lives are never boring!

This is our friend Eliza, She's kind of cute, think so. Eliza is a star soccer player & has a wild dog named Jack.

She has a pretty sister Emily. Emily just got braces.Picture 016.jpg (415344 bytes)  She now has a sparkling smile. She could be a movie star.



Our new sister Bailey. She flew all the way from Michigan, to live with us.

She's a hand full, but China and I will get her trained.

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